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Welcome to Collegize!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Welcome to Collegize! This post is all about showing how the app connects to the blog to help your college readiness journey!

What is Collegize and How can it Help?

School at any age is a place of transformation. Each year brings with it an opportunity to grow, change, evolve, and revolutionize oneself. However, change is not the same as progress. Change is simply being somewhere different in the future, whether it be positive or negative. Progress is a series of personal choices, made over time, towards a goal far off into the future.

There is nothing more critical to one’s future than making progress towards life after high school. Molding good students into excellent applicants is what Collegize is all about. Moving forward we will ask you to use the guidance provided through the Collegize app, track your progress, be honest with yourself, and see results. You can do it and we here at Collegize are here to help.

Each week we will send information via the College Scoop with a weekly Collegize Activity to complete. Completing certain Activities like “Select a Goal College” earns badges. The more badges you earn, the closer you are to realizing college success! Finish all tasks and your Collegize transformation will be complete. Welcome to Collegize and let’s get started.

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