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Seniors: Starting the Common App and Essay

Even though it is early, it is best to start your Common Application account and start filling out the general information. Getting this step out of the way helps you to not be stressed later on!

Collegize Weekly Activity:

Start your Common Application and start your Common App essay

The College Scoop!

Applying to college doesn't have to be difficult. The 1st step in making your applications easier is starting an account with the Common Application ( There are nearly 900 colleges on the Common Application and students get to apply to up to 20 of them using one application. Not using the Common App would mean you would have to apply to each college using individual applications. Applying individually to all of your colleges is timely, overly stressful, and is something that is not recommended. An additional benefit of applying using the Common Application is that you can write only 1 college essay and send it to multiple colleges. Once you start your Common Application, take note of the required essay topics and start crafting your essay. Do not wait until the last minute on the essay! It is best to start writing it now.

Individual colleges may require applicants to write a second smaller essay unique to your interest in that particular school. Be sure to take these supplemental essays seriously as they allow colleges to gauge an applicant’s true interest by asking questions around why students feel this particular college is best suited for them.

Do HBCUs have Common Application?

Yes, Historically Black Colleges and Universities also have a single application that can be sent to multiple colleges. It is called Common Black College App and is located here (

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