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Collegize is just what you’ve been looking for — a new, education-based App that gives users the chance to get critical college readiness information. Our easy-to-use platform and setup simplifies the college readiness process and makes preparing  for higher education easier. With all of the resources and guidance at your fingertips, this is one App you’ll definitely want to download. Check out what it can do for you!

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Why Collegize?

Guidance Through Notifications

With high school counselors overworked and busy, Collegize steps in to fill the gap of college readiness preparation for families looking for support preparing for and applying to best-fit colleges.

Detailed College


Quickly look up a college and find what it takes to get in, its graduation rates, a breakdown of all financial costs, and its profile information. Finding your best-fit college is critical to college success and is easy with our college profiles!

Scholarships &

Summer Resources

Collegize provides students and parents easy access to scholarships, FAFSA resources, and summer programs/ internships  for high school students.

An Exceptionally Unique College Prep Experience 

One-Stop Shop for College Preparation

Access information related to all aspects of college preparation in one place, without having to comb through multiple sources.

Easy to Use

Intuitive design makes it easy to understand, navigate, and find information.


College Search

Track your favorite schools using the favorites feature.

Easily Find/Filter Relevant Content

Use filters to target specific information relevant to you without excess scrolling.

App Screenshots

Outdoor Study Group

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Other Features

The Collegize app is just getting started but we are interested in keeping up with how users are enjoying our app and how much progress we are responsible for as a company. Our goal is to ensure all families have the knowledge and resources they need for college success.






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