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The College Preparation Program


What We Do

College Preparation Program helps students and families prepare for college by Strengthening College Applications, Helping Students Choose their Best-Fit College, and Master Financial Aid.

Strengthen Application

Increase Odds of Acceptance

Students need a strong application when applying for college, but what factors make an application strong? We will review each of the 5 FACTORS colleges look for in strong applications and provide in-depth tips ans tricks to help your application stand out.

Find and Apply to Best-Fit Colleges

Selecting You Best-Fit College

There are over 5,000 colleges in the USA. Picking the 12 to which a student should apply can be overwhelming. The College Preparation Program walks students through the 5 FOCUS AREAS students and parents should consider when selecting their best-fit college.

Master Financial Aid

Decrease College Costs

College can be expensive, confusing, and stressful! Our goal is to explain financial aid and provide advice to minimize college expenses. Scholarships, Grants, Need-Based Colleges, and fee avoidance strategies are just some of the topics we cover.


About Us

Molding Good Students Into Excellent Applicants

The College Preparation Program is focused on providing college readiness services to students and parents in Atlanta and across the US.

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