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Pursuing a College Readiness Solutions for the Masses

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Collegize the App

A new, education-based app that empowers students and parents for their college readiness journey. 

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Guidance Through Notifications

Detailed College


Scholarships &

Summer Resources

Win CASH by Preparing for College!

The Collegize Cohort:

- 6 Weeks (Sep 1 - Oct 13) or (Nov 3 - Dec 8)

- 3 $100 prize payouts every 2 Weeks

- 3 FREE preparation seminars for participants

- Final $200 prize (other prizes available too)

- Max 25 students/parents per cohort



An Exceptionally Unique College Prep Experience 

Collegize the App

FREE College readiness platform that provides scholarship, summer programs, and critical resources. 

The Collegize Book

Want college readiness best practices quickly? Get The College Preparation Process today! Learn more to read reviews and get a sneak peek

Collegize Coaching

Looking for a 1 on 1 coach you can afford? Schedule 45 minutes with a Collegize consultant for only $20.

 Student/Parents Resources

Downloadable files that make keeping organized for college simple and EASY!

Why We Do What We Do

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Only 48% of Students graduate in 4 Years in the United States

Student loan holders struggle to build after their time in college 

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About Us

Collegize was founded in response to the increasing dropout rate among students of color in the United States. We found that the leading cause of students not completing college is financial and students  of color are disproportionately impacted by student loans due to a lack of knowledge about financial aid, lack of access to scholarships, and a tendency to not apply to colleges that provide the most financial aid. Collegize seeks to reverse these trends by educating parents and students about the college admissions process, encourage students to attend their best-fit college, and providing the guidance that is often missing with high school counselors and administrators.

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